The Smart Way to Start(up)

Entrepreneurship is contagious. And being surrounded by a group of motivated and innovative thinkers is crucial to the beginning stages of starting a company. The clients and resources of Solutions Office Suites form a unique network of established professionals that serve as the perfect ecosystem for a new business.

The risks taken when starting a company can seem endless. Countless questions arise: Is now the right time? Do I have enough funding? Who will invest? and of course, Where do I start? At Solutions, we work hard to keep your mind at ease. Flexibility and convenience are important to a new business owner, so we do what we can to make sure you have options. Our budget-friendly suites are conveniently located in the Hyde Park business district, making you accessible from any angle of Tampa. Our flexibility, accessibility and affordability make those risks a little less risky.

Our diverse network of established professionals and business owners is the backbone of our startup ecosystem. Solutions’ clients and the Harrod Properties’ network serve as accessible service organizations for your new business. Wealth and HR management, marketing, legal and accounting needs (plus many more!) can be met from right down the hall. A strong professional network takes the edge off of the daunting risks associated with a startup, and serves as a support system for you and your business. Consider it the ‘friends and families’ shoe-in – your startup has the upper hand on the competition with its inherited resourceful professional network.

Hit the ground running with a startup at Solutions Office Suites. Call (813) 229-1500 to learn how you can make our network your network.