In Good Hands

In addition to the Solutions’ full-time staff, Harrod Properties, Inc. is dedicated to helping you achieve the highest level of professional success. Client’s of Solutions Office Suites are also clients of Harrod Properties, and are encouraged to consult the management company for any of their business’s needs.

Harrod Properties, Inc. is a commercial real estate company that designs, builds, leases and manages offices and industrial buildings. As Solutions’ parent company, Harrod Properties is dedicated to assisting our clients and their businesses by providing professional resources that are essential to the growth of small companies. With years of experience and a dedicated management team, Harrod Properties, Inc. strives to exceed client expectations.

Visit the Harrod Properties website, and please let us or any of the Harrod Properties management team know if they can be of any assistance to you, or help with any of your business’s needs.