Square Footage on a Postage Stamp Budget

It’s happened. The downturn in the economy has struck your company and made it necessary to downsize. While downsizing is not necessarily a good thing, it doesn’t have to be a terrible thing either. It might be that instead of that big high-rise office building in the middle of downtown you need an office that is more conservative in cost but still centrally located. You want to still convey the prestige that a larger company would, without breaking the bank.

Small Office

It’s not impossible to achieve. You can get the Class A look and feel, and amenities that are required by the level of business you do- at a rate that is not only competitive but also cost effective. Solutions Office Suites offers oversized offices with gorgeous panoramic views, and all the amenities you come to expect – on site parking, high speed phone and internet, and not to be overlooked, square footage.


Where most co-location or shared office spaces offer you an office the size of a postage stamp, Solutions Office Suites offices are, on average, 12′ x 12′. This allows space for beautiful furnishings, sweeping views of downtown Tampa, and the professional business presence you want to keep.

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