Networking From Across the Hall

In today’s office environment, it can be difficult to network with people in similar business endeavors without going out to the local social media event. What if it was possible to network without leaving the office – if you could find professionals with similar goals and values that you want to work with to mutually benefit each other? That sense of community exists here at Solutions Office Suites. How so?

Solutions Office Suites is a boutique style facility specializing in executive suites, as well as virtual offices. From the moment you walk through the doors you get the sense that this office is different from any other co-working or co-location facility. There is a bigger sense of community here and you will find that you’re working near friends and neighbors alike. What makes it feel more close-knit?

Between the many and varied social events and the monthly newsletter, you will get to know not only what’s going on in and around the office, but you’ll also see advertisements from local businesses and events. You’ll also get to know who you’re working with – when our facility is joined by a new company an introductory note will accompany them in the next newsletter. Could that next announcement be your company?

The more new and current businesses contribute to Solutions Office Suites, the more we give back. We want to feature you and your growing business. Not only do you get the added exposure, but you’ll also build lasting relationships within the corporate community culture that is continuing to grow here at Solutions Office Suites. Call us today at (813) 229-1500 to schedule a tour, or visit our informative Executive Office and Virtual Office pages to see what we offer and how you can join us.