Added Convenience and Built-in Professionalism

When it comes to professional presence and prestige, companies need look no further than their address. What businesses come to mind when you hear such addresses as Park Avenue, Times Square, or perhaps closer to home like Bay Street? What you should be asking yourself is why your business didn’t spring to mind. Your address is almost as important as your logo – it can define your company. So what can be done?

It could be that you are just starting your company – building from the ground up. Now you are gaining notoriety and have to decide whether or not you want your home address to represent your business. If you decide to omit your address it can detract from your business, and the same is true of having only a P.O. Box. For the price of your daily cup of coffee your company could have a physical address that engenders the prestige and professionalism that you desire with Solutions Office Suites. But that’s not the only benefit of having a virtual office with us.

An after-hours mailbox has been placed on the west side of the building outside. This allows you to use this as an after or before business hour drop-offs. When your clients need to leave you time sensitive materials, using the drop box will ensure that your clients will be able to do so securely. For those businesses that are virtual customers, notification will made for any documents received. Call us today at (813)229-1500 to see how you can take advantage of these conveniences.