Room to Grow

The idea of expansion can be scary. Questions arise that you can’t seem to answer, making it difficult to proceed with confidence. Solutions takes pride in being able to provide clients with the flexibility they need to help grow their business at a comfortable pace.

A two-office “suite within a suite” is available for lease starting August 1st, 2013, with endless options for a growing business. If it’s more space you need, for new employees or even a bookshelf, this office has room to spare. The larger office of the suite can accommodate four people, each with their own phone lines. If storage space is what you need, the 260ft2 area can be transformed into a company library, inventory closet, or product showcase. If you like the idea of meeting with your clients in the comfort and privacy of your own office, there’s plenty of room for a large conference table. The front office, with 140ft, can accommodate two people, each with their own phone line, or be transformed into your own reception area or an office for your assistant. This unique expansion opportunity can be shaped to suit your businesses needs.

Let Solutions help eliminate the worry that comes with expanding your business. This versatile work space gives your business the flexibility it needs in the midst of growth. Call (813) 229-1500 today to schedule a tour and find out about our new business move-in specials.