Telecommuting – Not Just Working From Home

Many consider working from home a blessing – and it can be. You roll out of bed, hit the coffee machine, check your email and grab breakfast before brushing your teeth or having to worry about the traffic on I-275. Does telecommuting have to mean working from home though? Traditionally speaking, yes. Telecommuting is defined as a company’s agreement that allows its employees to work from home.

Telecommuting doesn’t mean that you, the telecommuter, have to be confined to your house day in and day out to do work. Telecommuting can also be defined as employees that utilize mobile telecommunications technology to work from other locations. Where, then, does Solutions Office Suites fit in here? What if, instead of being a perk, telecommuting was the norm for your company? Having a home office away from home with Solutions Office Suites now means you have a space to work in with professional finishes, conference rooms available to handle all those important client meetings, and more all around the price of a cup of coffee.

Think about it this way – 86% of Americans drive to work. As of 2012, on average they spend $1,500 a year in gasoline. If that amount telecommuted, they would save over 100 hours a year of commute time and a reduction in greenhouse gases equivalent to those generated by the state of New York.
So whether you want to telecommute without being stuck in the house, or are looking to cut down on your cost to commute, give us a call at 813-229-1500 or contact us online to schedule a tour.