Feature Highlight – VoIP Phone Service

Communication is vital to the success of your business, and in order to communicate effectively, a reliable and efficient means of communication is necessary. At Solutions, your dedicated and personalized VoIP phone service is equipped and ready to host your virtual conferences and long distance phone calls.

A voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) phone system converts standard telephone audio into a digital format that can then be transmitted over the Internet, allowing users to take advantage of a wide range of features without the use of an actual computer. If you know you’ll be out of the office or traveling frequently, you can choose to have your cell phone ring simultaneously with your office phone, or have your calls forwarded to a more accessible phone.

You can access your voicemail from any phone with your mailbox id and password, and also have your messages emailed to you with the voicemail-to-email feature, in case you’re not near a phone. And for the times when you just need a moment to yourself, the ‘Do Not Disturb’ option is a push of a button away. The list of optional features goes on, and can be tailored to your preferences at any time.

For those currently using a standard telephone service, VoIP technology makes the transition simple. You can keep your current telephone number, and porting is fast and easy. Just consider it an upgrade to a faster, more convenient phone service for you and your clients.

Your personalized VoIP phone service is just one of the many features offered by Solutions Office Suites. Call us today at (813) 229-1500 for more information or to schedule a tour.