The Benefits of Managed Office Space

What comes to mind when hearing the term “managed office space”? Help around the office? On-site management and professional resources? Hot coffee? If you choose to locate your business within an executive office suites management company, your answer should be all of the above. At Solutions, we specialize in providing our clients (and our client’s clients) with excellent customer service and the professional resources they need to keep their business moving forward. Below are just a few benefits of a managed office space with Solutions Office Suites.
Flexible, Affordable Lease Agreements with No Capital Investment
Leave the stress of long-term commitments at the door. The flexibility of the terms, affordability of the cost, and overall simplicity of an agreement with Solutions Office Suites makes the potentially daunting task of finding an office almost effortless. If you’d like to start small with a virtual business address, with the possibility of transitioning to an executive office suite at a later date, that’s fine, too. We make transitioning, or even expanding, as fast and easy as possible.
Significantly Reduced Operating Costs
Utility bills, cleaning services, building maintenance, and parking costs can add up fast. Not to mention the time it takes to manage the vendor accounts, budget monthly overhead costs, and fight traffic in the over-priced inconvenient parking garage. At Solutions, these troubles simply disappear. Your utility bills go right out the door, along with cleaning and maintenance responsibilities, and parking is located directly under the building, and free! It doesn’t get much easier than that.
Ready-to-Work Office Space
You can consider your new office a turnkey arrangement – it will be ready when you are. Our suites come equipped with high-end furnishings that can be organized to your liking. Outside of the suites, our clients enjoy access to our large conference rooms, business centers and state-of-the-art business machines. Our full-time clients enjoy unlimited use of the conference rooms and the option of being listed on our building directory in the first floor lobby. We maintain and service all work areas and meeting spaces, and you can always expect a hot pot of coffee to be waiting on you in the kitchen areas. You always have full-time access to our skilled receptionist and clerical support, reducing the urgency of hiring an assistant.
And the list goes on. The benefits of working from within a managed office space company allow you to spend more time focusing on what matters most – your clients. Let us show you the advantages of working with Solutions Office Suites. For more information or to schedule a tour, call us today at (813) 229-1500.