Making the Transition to A Virtual Office

Thinking about the idea of getting a virtual office but do not know if it would be right for you? Here at Solutions we have everything you need to make a virtual office work for you. Affordability, convenience, resources, location…just to name a few things that set us apart! If you are transitioning from a full time office location, starting up a new small business, or opening a new location in Tampa, we can help make the move smooth for yourself and your employees.


When it comes to a virtual office, technology is your new best friend. You will not be in the next cubicle from your co-workers, boss or employees so using technology to keep in constant contact with them will be a key element in your daily routine. This allows you to work from where ever you are while still keeping a professional image and timely manner for your business. Let us help you keep in contact with your co-workers and clients, make use of the conference rooms we offer! This will allow you to still host clients, meetings and presentations. Our conference rooms are equipped with a television you can connect your lap top to as well as a  phone equipped for conference calling so clients or co workers can call in and join the meeting.


If you are transitioning from a full time office, you may be used to having a receptionist answer your calls and deal with the day to day duties.  Phone answering service is just one of many amenities we offer. You can have us answer your business calls, screen calls, accept mail and greet clients which allows you to keep your professional business image.

receptionist (1)

We offer low cost Solutions with a high end look…no pun intended! Let us help you transition to a virtual office with ease. With these amenities, you, your team and you clients will be able to still successfully work together!


For more information on Solutions please call Tricia Valdez at (813) 229-1500 or email at We look forward to hearing from you!