When should I relocate my business to another location?

The thought of moving your business location can be filled with anxiety and initial resistance, considering the disruption and important decisions involved. Remember to keep in mind your location IS your business. However, it can typically be the right decision to make, especially in regards to today’s ever-changing marketplace. So when is a good time to consider relocating a business?

There are a variety of reasons for businesses to pick up and move to a new location.

  • Expansion. You have outgrown the older “cheaper” office location and it is too crowded, impersonal and confining for your business expansion to realize its fullest profit potential. Relocation for this reason is important to your financial status and image for a growing company.
  • Your business needs a prestigious address and close proximity to the downtown businesses. You may need to be closer to the business district to thrive and attract new potential clients, it’s often worth the price to pick up and relocate.
  • Continued revenue streams will prevent a company from struggling during a threatening economic period. Fixed cost basis and flexibility will assist you in budgeting appropriately.
  • Easy billing, one monthly itemized bill to pay. No surprises at the end of the month trying to guess what your utility, phone or other service may cost.
  • The appeal of the current location you occupy now.
    • Are you treated as a valued customer or a paying tenant?
    • How has your level of service changed since you signed your lease?
    • Are there services that were promised and not delivered?
    • How is your current work environment?

Full-Service Executive Office Suites provide solutions for companies to relocate seamlessly. There is no need for a long term commitment with lengthy leasing terms and high upfront fees. Your organization can take advantage of relocating quickly and easily into the new location with ready to occupy, fully furnished office space, state of the art office equipment, administrative services, and flexible terms tailored to fit your individual requirements.
Just bring your computer and you can be up and running! Even downsized businesses will find serviced office suites beneficial when utilizing the flexibility in amenities to add as needed to the company’s office space upon short notice, and such short-term services really become a support partner for aiding any thriving business in navigating the post-credit crunch.