Tampa Bay Business Hot Spots

The Tampa Bay Area is buzzing with small businesses growing at rapid speeds, and fresh ideas blossoming into money-making productions. As the third most populated city in Florida, Tampa is full of important locations that serve as convenient resources to local and virtual business owners and their clientele, making it an ideal location for all business types. Solutions Office Suites’ central location reduces travel time and allows you to easily access these locations as frequently as needed.


Hillsborough County Courthouse
The Hillsborough County Court House is located in downtown Tampa, one and a half miles from our office. The legal industry draws hundreds of professionals into the downtown area every day, making the courthouse one of the most consistently busy buildings in the city. Our convenient location allows for little-to-no travel time, as well as free parking at the office if you choose to call a cab.

Tampa Airport

Tampa International Airport
The Tampa International Airport services business owners and professionals from all over the world, with New York, Chicago and Washington D.C. standing as its top three markets within the US. In 2013, TIA serviced just under seventeen million passengers and transported over one hundred and seventy-seven pounds of mail. The Tampa Airport is just fifteen minutes away from the office, reducing travel time and the chances of a missing a flight.

Crews sharpen skills at Atlantic Strike

MacDill Air Force Base
The MacDill Air Force Base is a familiar location for Tampa natives as well as visitors. In addition to military personnel, the base draws visitors from all over the world, and serves as an important resource for government officials and contract employees. MacDill AFB is located six miles from the office, with Bayshore Boulevard serving as a direct and scenic route.
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